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Red Room Studios.

Low Gain Productions

Music Recording Studio in Downtown Toronto. We offer recording, mixing, production, session playing, and mastering, all at extremely affordable rates! Take a look at our extensive gear collection, clients, and feel free to reach out!





Located at 550 Queen Street East in Toronto, Ontario, Low Gain Productions is a recording, mixing, and mastering studio. Run by Logan Trearty, the studio has seen many local talents come through and utilize the space. It's our passion to help the local music scene by offering professional and affordable recordings! Whatever your budget, we'll make it work. 


26 Channels, suitable for all and any needs. 

Extensive collection of plugins and mix experience from pop to metal to country and back!

Final polish, make it loud!

  • 2X Neumann U 87 (1970's, 1990's)

  • Neumann U 47 FET (1980's)

  • 2X AKG C414 (Matched Pair)

  • 2X Rode NT5 (Matched Pair)

  • 2X Sennheiser MD421

  • 5X Shure SM57

  • Sennheiser e609

  • Sennheiser e902

  • Shure Beta 52

  • Plus many more

  • Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Squier Telecaster, Sterling JP70, Gretsch Semi Hollow, Ibanez Taman, Fender Acoustic, Martin Acoustic

  • ​Bass: Fender Mustang short scale, Squier 5 String P-Bass

  • FX: 20 or so pedals (Overdrives, delays, verbs, modulation, fuzz etc..)

  • Amps: Marshall JCM2000, Peavy Classic30, Fender Reverb Deluxe, Orange Terror, Ampeg SVT Classic​

  • Keys: Roland 88 Key Weighted Keyboard, M-Audio M61, Arturia MiniLab

  • Drums: DW Collectors 5 Piece Kit, Gretsh Catalina Club 3 Piece Kit, DW Snare, Pork Pie Snare, Various Zildjian Cymbals, Various Percussion (Tambo, Shaker etc...)

  • Universal Audio Apollo Duo (Silverface)

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin

  • Apogee Ensemble

  • Focusrite OctoPre

Tascam M520 Recording/Mixing Console
Mackie 1642 VLZ Pro

  • 2X Great River MP500 N

  • 2X API 512c

  • Emperical Labs Distressor

  • 2X EQP-KT (Pultec Clone)

  • KT-2A (LA-2A Clone)

  • Otari MTR-12 2 Channel Tape Machine

Tascam M520 Recording/Mixing Console
Mackie 1642 VLZ Pro




550 Queen St E
Toronto, ON
Tel: 647-745-3599

Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Friday 5pm - 8am

Saturday - 10am - 11:59pm

Sunday - 10am - 11:59pm


Ready to book a session? 


Call or text: 647-745-3599

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